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Planned Maintenance for Loading Dock Levelers!!!!

We at Florida Garage Doors like our Customers to feel safe when loading and unloading heavy loads over a Loading Dock Leveler we have serviced or installed. This is why we recommend always setting up a Planned Maintenance Program with us to not only service your dock leveler per owners manual, but to feel safe while doing it. Experience has proven that periodic preventive maintenance and careful inspection can reduce both downtime and repair expenses while at the same time extending your equipment's useful life and operating efficiency. This periodic maintenance program is not a guarantee against failure of, or damage to, the designated dock equipment, but rather it is an important asset in the overall effective management of your facility. This program provides for routine inspections in accordance with agreed terms and conditions. This program does not offer extended product warranty nor does it relieve the owner/manager from his daily responsibilities of housekeeping and proper operation of the loading dock equipment.

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