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 I-Class Industrial HVLS Fan

Florida Garage Doors offers a Great Solution to Hot Warehouses, Mechanic Shops, Gyms and Outdoor Patios. The I-Class Industrial HVLS Fan is a perfect way to stay cool in hot areas, Spanning up to 24 feet in diameter, can keep the air in your facility in constant motion. 


  • 5-BLADE DESIGN Optimized for low-speed rotary airfoil applications

  • AIRFOIL-STYLE BLADES Provide increased lift and airflow efficiency

  • SINGLE-AXIS MOUNT Decreases fan movement for stabilized functionality

  • WINGLETS Aerodynamic winglets with patent-pending design

  • HUB & STRUT ASSEMBLY Patent-pending design distributes the load for increased safety

  • DESTRATIFICATION Switch airflow direction in colder months to push warm air down

  • REMOTE CONTROL Digital touchscreen offers easy control and floor-level diagnostics

  • FIRE-SAFE SHUTDOWN Can be daisy chained with facility fire systems to shut down during an emergency

  • FAN DIAMETER Available in: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ or 24’

  • COLOR CHOICES *Standard: Black *Alternate: Clear anodized silver *For special Color needs, contact us to discuss custom powder-coating for additional color options

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