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G2 HarshGuard Vinyl Doors


Fast Acting Vinyl Doors for Extreme Conditions! Perfect for Food Processing Areas!

The G2 HarshGuard Door requires little maintenance and has a break-a-way design with auto reset.  

The G2 also has easily replaceable, interchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, & clear PVC and is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum hardware! 

Other features include a 110 volt single phase water proof operator & a complete weather seal.

With a design that excludes wheels, cables, springs and sewing the G2 Door is Simply Intelligent.


  • Low Maintenance - No cables, wheels, springs, or sewn construction

  • Wind Load Rated - 45mph wind load*

  • Durable - Fiberglass windbars won’t bend or break.  Automatically resets after impact

  • Quick & Easy Installation - Upper Box completely assembled in factory

  • Fire Resistant - Meets NFPA-701 & CSFM standards for flame retardancy

Benefits of G-2 HarshGuard Doors Include:

  • No rust due to stainless steel, PVC & Aluminum Components

  • Wind load rated door

  • Slanted roof allowing water run off

  • Withstands caustic & corrosive chemicals

  • Withstands moisture build up

  • Interior & exterior use

Applications Include:

  • Loading Docks

  • Fork Truck Traffic Areas

  • Garages

  • Interior & Exterior Door Openings

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Process Areas

  • Waste Areas

  • Plant Overhead Doors

Features of Goff’s HarshGuard Car Wash Door Include:

  • Breakaway & Automatic Reset Capability

  • Reverse Safety Feature

  • Replaceable, Exchangeable Panels

  • Custom Fiber Glass Extrusions (Bend if Loaded, Won’t Break)

  • Extruded PVC Side Seals

  • Complete Weather Seal

  • Hollow hydronic heating channels in side rails and
    top box provide easy installation of hydronic heating tubing to keep the door
    operational in below freezing environments**


**Tubing not included / hydronic heating system required.

Motor Features

  • All components are water/dust tight

  • Speed 28″ per second

  • Non-corroding and non-oxidating finish

  • Integrated open/close set up control

  • 2 spare auxiliary inputs (cam operated pri contact closures) available as feedback for car wash or control systems

  • Manual Override built in

  • Integrated drive electronics – requires no separate wall mounted control panel

  • Motor mounts directly to drive shaft – no wall mount required

  • Built-in auto-close timer

  • 24/40*/70† cycles per hour duty cycle

  • 110 volt operation

  • Built-in limit switches control up/down position


* With High Duty Cycle Upgrade

†With High Duty Cycle and Fan Kit Upgrade


G-2 HarshGuard Doors are available in sizes up to 16' x 16' h

9 Vinyl Color Options Available!

White 18oz.
Blue 18oz.
Black 18oz.
Beige 18oz
Beige 18oz.
Grey 18oz
Grey 18oz.
Green 18oz
Green 18oz.
Yellow 18oz.
Red 18oz
Red 18oz.
Orange 18oz.
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